Yorkville Residence

Within the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto, SBA was commissioned to convert half of a semi-detached four storey office building into luxury residences. The office building itself been converted from the original residential Victorian structure. The other half of the semi-detached structure had previously been thoroughly renovated with a contemporary façade, and SBA created the new façade to be complementary but distinctly different. The shared two storey Victorian gabled entry acts as the focal point of the building and divides the two modern facades behind.

The significantly constraints of the tight urban site informed the design of the side and rear facades, and SBA utilized creative solutions to integrate private access with an elevator to the owners unit (top 2 floors) while providing adequate exiting from the two rental units.

The contemporary, open concept design of the interior is designed to maximize the natural light entering into the large units, while respecting privacy and fire code restrictions. The interior materials and finishing were completed by the client.