Ward’s Island Landing Stage

Ward’s Island Landing Stage was originally a shelter for passengers awaiting lake cruise boats. The earliest documented archival photo was June 1915 but Islanders have speculated it was built in 1910. In the 1970’s the Landing Stage had deteriorated and the decision was made to disassemble the wrought iron components.

In January 2010, a decision was made by a local group of citizens to recreate the Landing Stage and Stevens Burgess Architects was engaged to begin the initial phase for the Restoration of the Landing Stage. The initial phase included the site inventory and photographic

documentation of the existing components; the preparation of a set of drawings/ specifications for its restoration, reassembly and recreation of missing components; and thirdly the creation of a budget estimate to have the work completed. The project was tendered, awarded to a

heritage contractor and SBA has oversaw the contract administration. The Landing Stage was opened to the public in 2015.


Heritage Toronto Honorable Mention – 2015