Sun Life Financial Centre: Entrance Upgrades

SBA was the winner of a design competition commissioned by Oxford Properties Group for entrance re-design and lobby upgrades, as well as signage re-design for the three-tower Sun Life Financial Centre. The design employed a simple yet effective idea of reversing the dark, cavernous effect of the recessed entrances to improve day-lighting and to make the entrances more visible from the street. The context sensitive design drew on existing elements of the East tower, a result of which is a solution that fits seamlessly and comfortably with the complex.

The idea of improving day-lighting was extended to tenant signage, which replaced the previous boxed signs which covered a third of the exterior glazing. The new signage was mounted on a new slim stainless steel grid substructure system. To maintain the signage permeability SBA worked very closely with Oxford to establish retail signage standards and guidelines based on back-lit (LED) channel lettering.

The extensive modifications to the entrances with increased ceiling heights on the lobbies, clear (vision) glazing and coordinated finishes with minimal but informed design accents, have all contributed to an aesthetic solution which adds to the character.