Imperial Oil: Finch Distribution Terminal

Imperial Oil, a long-standing SBA client, commissioned the firm to design a state-of-the-art oil distribution terminal where oil would be transferred from pipe to truck and from which the flow of oil through pipelines to eastern Canada would be controlled. SBA’s first task was to perform a functionality study which formed the basis for the building programme.

SBA interviewed over 100 Imperial Oil employees. The resulting schematic representation of each employee’s “world of work” led to the employee’s assignment to a programme area. Meetings were then held with groups of employees to determine the requirements for shared facilities and to formulate the employees’ desired ambiance for the building as a whole. Again, the results of these meetings were represented schematically. The schematics thus produced, linked together by a framework of management goals and policies, became the building programme.

SBA’s use of employee and management input in the design of the terminal led to the creation of a facility of which all are justifiably proud. Efficient, worker-friendly and easily maintained, the terminal has become a model for similar Exxon facilities world-wide.

The facility, a pioneer in sustainability, showcases advanced building envelope technology, atrium passive gains and daylight, sun-shading and light-shelves, as well as energy reclamation.