Gore Park Fountain

In 1859 the decision was made to convert the Gore, an area described as “underdeveloped and unsightly open space whose prominent function served as a parking area for farmers selling wood and grain as well as acting as a refuse heap”, into a park. A year later the original Gore Park Fountain was constructed within the new park as a symbol of Hamilton’s progressive new Waterworks System. The fountain was officially dedicated in September 1860 by His Royal Highness, Edward the Prince of Wales.

For almost 100 years the fountain remained as a central element within the park. In 1959, the fountain was declared unsafe and was dismantled. Subsequent attempts at restoring the fountain were unsuccessful.

In 2009 the City of Hamilton commissioned SBA in conjunction with Maltby & Associates Inc., to work with the City’s conservator on the restoration of the fountain. In the fall of 2009, with the aid of a skilled team of iron workers, the fountain was disassembled and each component was carefully tagged to ensure that mating pieces would align on their return to the site in the spring.

In late April, in time for the official May re-dedication ceremony of the fountain, the fountain returned to Hamilton for a two day period of re-assemblage and reinstallation in Gore Park.  Up and running once more, the fountain once again graces Hamilton’s downtown core.


CAHP Award of Excellence for Conservation of Buildings, Structures, Engineering Works and Landscapes – 2014