Barton Avenue Stables

The Barton Avenue Stables is where Dr. John G FitzGerald began diphtheria antitoxin production in 1914. The stable was later moved to the Connaught Laboratory site and in 2004 was restored.

After bio-hazards were removed, the building was trued up and placed on a new concrete slab on grade beams. All original site-built wood doors and windows were repaired and repainted. Replica doors and screen doors were made for the entry. The steel corrugated siding was inventoried, removed and conserved. While the siding was removed, structural repairs were made to the framing behind and insulation and air barrier added. The building was not and is not heated. The cedar roofing was beyond salvage and was replaced in kind on nailers to allow venting with a protective membrane under nailers. The interior wood siding was thoroughly cleaned and augmented with siding to match.

The old bare bulb lighting was refurbished and distinctive high tech lighting was added to highlight the exhibit detailing the development of vaccinations from their humble beginnings in the Barton Avenue stables.


CAHP Award of Merit – 2007